Thursday, November 21, 2019

Global marketing strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words - 1

Global marketing strategy - Essay Example Argos was found by Richard Tompkins in the year 1973. The company was formed by rebranding an existing company known as Green Shield Stamps in the United Kingdom. The first store of Argos was opened up in Canterbury, United Kingdom. Argos presently has more than 737 brick and mortar stores and has an average of 340 million website clicks in a year. The company is one of the largest retail companies operating in the high street retails segment of the United Kingdom and Ireland. The retail company is a part of the Home Retail Group and runs alongside two sister companies, Habitat and Homebase. Argos owns a number of brands including the famous consumer electronics brands Bush and Alba, the currently dysfunctional jewellery and watches brand, Elizabeth Duke, Chad Valley along with, many other varied brands. It was estimated in the year 2012 that 96% of the total population of the United Kingdom resided within the 10 miles radius of a branch of Argos located in the country. Before 2004, the stocks of Argos were independent constituents of the FTSE 100 index. Currently, the stock of Argos is the constituents of the FTSE 250 Index as a part of its parent company Home Retail group. Also, the stocks of Argos are listed in the London Stock Exchange since 1990. The company Argos has operation in UK and Ireland. The company has 737 stores. If the company wants to expand its business then Argos has to make plans and forms strategies according to the marketing environment of the countries. In Japan the market environment of the retail industry is positive. The government of this county have made many new policies which influence the customers for spending more money in different types of goods and services. Japan’s retail market is presently targeting the ageing population. It offers different types of products and services to them for making them feel comfortable in the retail marketing environment

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